20 Innovative Ways to Design a Forest-Themed Bedroom for a Tranquil Escape

Dive into the heart of nature’s embrace with our 30+ forest-themed bedroom ideas, where the serenity of the outdoors meets the comfort of home.

These novel ideas range from whimsical, fantastical canopied bedsteads conjuring images of a fairy nest, to calming indoor water features reminiscent of a serene forest brook at dawn. Get ready to transform your bedroom into a restful sanctuary that beautifully mimics the tranquil forest vibe.

1. The Enchanting Canopy Bed

The image is of a bedroom in a rustic cabin. The bed is made with a grey knitted blanket and has a wrought iron frame. It is covered by branches and leaves, creating a canopy overhead. There is a wooden chair with a white wicker seat and a small wooden table with a few decorative items on it.

There are two lamps on side tables, one on each side of the bed. The floor is covered with a brown intricately designed rug. A large window is behind the bed. The room is very dark and moody with a lot of natural light coming through the window. The overall effect is one of peacefulness and tranquility. It is a very aesthetically pleasing image with a natural feel.

2. A Cozy Cabin Escape

A large, cozy bed with a brown blanket sits in a room with a wooden ceiling. A large window in the back wall looks out onto a sun-dappled forest, with a path winding through it. Sun streams through the window, illuminating the bed.

There are two pillows on the bed in front of the blanket, and a third brown pillow on the floor in front of the bed. A small wooden stool is visible in the bottom left corner. The scene is calm and inviting, with a cozy and comfortable vibe.

3. Cozy Cabin Retreat

This image shows a bed with a teal comforter tucked under a deep forest green bed skirt, sitting on a straw-colored rug. The bed is placed in a cabin-like space, surrounded by lush, green plants. There’s a large window behind the bed that looks out onto a forest.

Three teddy bears are lying on the bed, two brown ones and one white one. A wooden table is to the right of the bed with a light brown wooden box on top of it. The bed is surrounded by an abundance of greenery suggesting a nature-filled setting. The entire scene creates a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.

4. Cozy Cabin Bedroom with Antler Chandelier

This is a cozy log cabin bedroom with a large, comfortable bed. The bed is dressed in layers of blankets and pillows, and there is a wooden bench at the foot of the bed.

There are two lamps on nightstands on either side of the bed, and a large, ornate chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The bedroom has large windows with light coming in, and there is a beautiful view of the woods outside. The entire room is made of wood, giving it a warm and inviting feel.

5. Tropical Oasis Bedroom

The photo is a close up of a bed with lush green velvet bedding. The bed is situated in front of a wall mural that features lush green tropical leaves. The headboard is also a rich green velvet and has tufting. There is a throw blanket in the same deep green as the bedding with a fringed edge.

The bed is made with crisp white sheets and a green velvet pillow. On top of the pillow is a throw pillow with a beaded pattern that is shades of gold and brown. There is a small side table with a gold base and a lamp with a black shade that is sitting on a table next to the bed. The side table is holding a book and a small silver decorative object. In the foreground is a tan rug. The overall feel of the image is one of luxury and serenity.

6. Forest Retreat Bedroom

The image shows a bedroom with a green and brown color scheme. A green bed with a black blanket and brown pillows sits against a wall decorated with a forest-themed wallpaper depicting a dense forest. The wallpaper is dominated by green in shades of emerald, olive, and sage.

The bed frame is green and there is a brown nightstand next to it. Next to the nightstand is a small green potted plant, and a larger plant is situated to the left of the nightstand. There is a rug on the floor that is a light gray with a black pattern. The scene is peaceful and serene.

7. Cozy bedroom with green and brown accents

The image shows a cozy bedroom with a jungle-themed wallpaper. The wall is a deep teal blue with a woven brown throw hanging on the wall. A wooden bed with a green chunky knit blanket and a variety of pillows. The bed has a woven burlap-like fabric underneath the green blanket.

There is a brown furry throw on a wooden chair next to the bed and a wooden bench at the foot of the bed. The floor is an earthy brown that matches the color of the blanket. The whole scene is very cozy and inviting.

8. Cozy Cabin Bedroom

The image shows a cozy bedroom in a rustic style. The bed has a wooden headboard with a patterned design and is dressed in crisp white linens, a brown blanket, and a few soft throw pillows. The headboard is framed by two small pieces of abstract art, creating a rustic and modern juxtaposition.

The room is illuminated by a lamp on a side table next to the bed and a wall sconce. The room has large windows with billowing curtains and wooden beams on the ceiling. The floor is covered in a thick, textured rug. The decor in this bedroom is a mix of modern and rustic, creating a warm and inviting space. There is a wooden bench at the foot of the bed, and a stuffed bunny sits on top of it, adding a touch of whimsy to the room.

9. Green Bedroom Sanctuary with Botanical Art Prints

A bedroom interior with a bed made in muted forest green tones. The bed has a white under sheet with a green comforter and two pillows. A brown throw pillow rests on top. The headboard is visible, upholstered in the same forest green tone.

The wall above the bed is painted in a deep, dark green and features four framed botanical prints of various fern species. Two of the prints are side by side, and the other two are stacked above them. On the left side of the bed, a potted plant in wicker is visible. An end table with a vase sits on the left side of the frame. The room has a contemporary, minimalistic feel.

10. A Cozy Bedroom with a Tree Stump Nightstand and a Natural Rug

The image shows a bedroom with a bed, a bedside table made of a tree trunk, a bedside lamp, and a painting on the wall. The bed has a white duvet and a gray blanket. There are three throw pillows on the bed, one brown, one white, and one gray with a white pattern.

The bedside table has a few books stacked on top of it, and a small copper bowl. The lamp is hanging from the ceiling and is turned on. The wall is painted a dark green color. There is a brown rug on the floor. The room is lit by sunlight streaming in through the window on the left side of the image. The image is well-composed and shows a cozy and inviting bedroom.

11. Cozy Cabin Getaway Bed

The image shows a cozy bedroom with a bed made up in red and blue plaid bedding. The bed is positioned in the center of the frame, with a brown knit blanket draped over the foot of the bed. The bed is flanked by two beige curtains that are drawn back, creating a canopy effect.

The curtains have a fringe trim. The headboard behind the bed has a striped pattern in muted greens and browns. The walls behind the headboard are covered in a light gray wallpaper with a pattern of small, stylized trees and pinecones. There are two light fixtures on the wall, each with a bulb that is emitting a warm, yellow light. The scene is warm and inviting.

12. A Luxurious Bedroom with a View of the Jungle

This is an interior design photograph of a bedroom with a large skylight. The skylight is made of glass panels that are framed in black, and it allows natural light to flood the room. The bedroom is furnished with a bed, two bedside tables, two lamps, and a rug.

The bed has a dark blue headboard and a beige duvet, and the rug has a multi-colored pattern. The walls are painted white, and the floor is made of hardwood. The room is decorated with a simple, modern aesthetic.

The photograph captures the beauty of natural light and its ability to transform a space. On the other side of the bedroom, two large windows with black frames also allow natural light to flow into the room and offer views of the lush forest outside.

13. Autumnal Bedroom Retreat

This is a cozy bedroom space. The walls are a warm burnt orange color, and the bed is made with a deep orange comforter and white pillows. The bed is dressed with a white sheet and a fluffy orange blanket. On the wall is a whimsical art installation created with dried fall leaves and branches.

The leaves are a mix of red, orange, and brown hues, and they are arranged in a way that looks like a tree. There is a small vase with dried flowers on top of a wooden side table next to the bed. The carpet is a light brown color with a repeating design of dark brown and beige. The room has a very autumnal feel and is very inviting.

14. Cozy Cabin Retreat

The photo shows a bedroom with a large window overlooking a forest. The bed is neatly made with a grey throw blanket and a light brown rug sits beneath it. There is a wooden bench beside the bed and a small table next to it. The bed is nestled up against a large leafy plant that reaches up to the ceiling.

The ceiling is made of dark wood planks. The walls are white with a wooden headboard that extends out at the side of the bed. The photo is taken from a slight angle, giving a good view of the room. The photo is well-lit and the colors are muted, creating a calming atmosphere.

15. Stone lamp in a cozy bedroom

This cozy bedroom features a soft, white bed with a textured, light brown throw draped across the footboard. The bed is positioned next to a low, black side table topped with a stack of books and a unique lamp. The lamp features a beige linen shade perched atop a stack of flat, smooth stones.

The textured walls and the stones create a natural, minimalist aesthetic. A warm, brown rug is spread out on the floor, hinting at a well-worn space. The overall feeling is one of tranquility and comfort.

16. The Enchanted Canopy Bed

This image is a whimsical and magical depiction of a bedroom nestled within a tree. The ceiling is made of exposed tree branches with a canopy of lush green leaves and small lights strung amongst them. The walls are draped in rich green fabric, framing the bed.

The bed is adorned with a thick, green comforter and pillows. It stands on a wooden frame with a large, ornate headboard. The whole scene is surrounded by lush greenery, adding to the natural, enchanted atmosphere.

There are also wooden nightstands, a small rug, and a decorative miniature boat on the floor. The image evokes a sense of peace, wonder, and a connection to nature. The details create a feeling of fantasy and escape into an enchanted world.

17. A forest scene with a waterfall and a bed with a floral duvet cover.

The image shows a bedroom with a green and white floral bedspread. The headboard is a dark wood and the wall behind it is a mural of a lush, green forest with a waterfall. The room is decorated with a forest theme and includes a large-leafed plant, a small vase of yellow flowers next to a nightstand, and a brown wicker basket.

There are two pillows on the bed, one with a pink floral pattern and one with a white pattern. The floral bedspread has a white bedskirt. There are wooden floors. The picture is taken from a slightly elevated angle, looking down onto the bed. It gives the viewer a sense of peace and tranquility.

18. Cozy Cabin Retreat

The image shows a cozy bedroom with a lit fireplace. To the left, a bed is made with a fluffy brown blanket and pillows. The windows are open with soft light coming in from the trees outside, and there are plants on the windowsill. To the right of the bed is a fireplace with a roaring fire with a wooden mantle.

The mantle has a framed print of leaves and other items. The walls are painted a soft gray color and the ceiling is wood paneling. The room is lit by the fireplace and the light coming through the windows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

19. Enchanted Forest Bedroom

A lush green bedroom, decorated with a forest theme. The walls are a dark green, and the room is filled with plants and trees. A large bed with a green velvet headboard and green velvet sheets sits in the center of the room. The bed is decorated with thick green throw pillows, resembling moss. Next to the bed is a nightstand with a table lamp. The overall effect is one of opulence and comfort.

20. Forest Canopy Bedroom

The image shows a bedroom with a four-poster bed and a forest mural on the walls and ceiling. The bed is dressed in white linens and a brown duvet. The curtains are white and gathered at the top of the bedposts. There is a small table lamp in the corner.

The carpet is green. The mural is painted in shades of green and brown, and depicts a dense forest with tall trees and a canopy of leaves. The overall effect is one of peace and tranquility. The bedroom is decorated in a whimsical and inviting style, perfect for a child or an adult who enjoys nature.


These forest-themed bedroom ideas are but a stepping stone to creating your own secluded haven. Let your imagination roam wild as you explore the myriad possibilities of incorporating the serene beauty of the forest into your personal space. The end result? A tranquil escape right in the comfort of your own home, where every day feels like a retreat into nature’s calming embrace.


How do I maintain the natural look in my forest-themed bedroom?

Use natural materials as much as possible, like wood, stone, and organic fabrics. Also, opt for nature-inspired colors and patterns.

Can I use real plants in my forest-themed bedroom?

Absolutely! Indoor plants not only enhance the natural vibe but also improve air quality.

What lighting should I use in a forest-themed bedroom?

Soft, warm lighting works best. Fairy lights, lanterns, and candles can mimic the soft glow of twilight in a forest.

Can I have a forest-themed bedroom in a small space?

Yes, small spaces can still capture the forest vibe. Use mirrors and light colors to make the room feel larger, and select your décor carefully to avoid clutter.

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