10 Innovative and Stylish Bathtub Ledge Designs for Your Modern Bathroom

Elevate your bathing experience to a whole new level with the right bathtub ledge. Melding functionality with aesthetic appeal, bathtub ledges can truly transform your bathroom into a personalized haven.

Offering a convenient platform to store essentials or exhibit décor, these ledges also contribute significantly to the overall visual appeal of your space, making them worth your consideration. This article explores 30 innovative and stylish bathtub ledge designs that can redefine your bathroom aesthetics while enhancing the utility quotient.

1. Modern Bathroom with Tropical Touches

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The image shows a modern bathroom with a white bathtub and a large window that looks out onto a lush, tropical garden. The bathroom is decorated in a minimalist style, with white tiles and black accents. A black shower head hangs from the ceiling, and a grey towel hangs on a black towel rack.

The window is framed with black trim. The countertop is made of wood and a black faucet sits in the white porcelain sink. The bathroom is lit by a single light fixture that hangs above the sink. The image is warm and inviting, and the natural light streaming through the window creates a sense of peace and tranquility.

2. Modern bathroom with a wooden vanity and a white tiled shower

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The image is of a bathroom with a shower, toilet and vanity sink. The shower is on the left side of the image and has glass doors and a tiled stall. The shower stall is made of brown tiles. The toilet is white and is on the right side of the image. The vanity sink is also on the right side of the image and is made of wood.

The vanity has two drawers and two doors and is topped with a gray counter. The sink is white and has a vessel design. Above the sink are a round mirror and two light fixtures. The mirror is black and the lights are gold.

The wall behind the vanity is covered with white tiles with a decorative pattern. The floor is tiled with brown, tan and cream tiles in a geometric pattern. The image is well lit and the bathroom looks clean and modern.

3. Modern Bathroom with Freestanding Tub and Tile Floor

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The image shows a modern bathroom with a large, freestanding bathtub in the center. The bathtub is white and has a unique, flowing design. It sits on a tiled floor with a mosaic pattern surrounding it. The walls are painted in a light gray, and there are two large windows on the back wall.

The windows are covered with white blinds. The bathroom has a modern design with sleek fixtures, including a stainless steel towel rack on the right wall, a tiled countertop, and a vanity on the left side. The image is taken from a slightly elevated angle, looking down at the bathtub. The lighting is bright, and there is a sense of spaciousness and luxury.

4. A Luxurious Bathroom with a View

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The image shows a bathroom with a white bathtub, gold fixtures, a wooden stool and a vase of flowers. The bathroom has a large window with a view of a forest outside, and striped curtains that are pulled back. The light fixture is a woven basket with a gold chain.

The floor is made of stone tiles. The door on the left side appears to be from another room. There is a gold door handle on the door. The image’s composition creates a sense of relaxation and peace.

5. A Luxurious Bathroom Oasis

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This is an image of a bathroom with a white clawfoot bathtub. The bathroom is mostly decorated in blue and white. The bathtub has a pedestal base and a tiled surround, which is set off by a border of blue tile around it. Behind the bathtub, there is a tiled wall with white subway tiles.

The room is decorated with tile floor with an intricate floral pattern. There is a second sink to the right of the bathtub, also with a white finish. The room has a vintage feel and the entire image is well lit.

6. A Luxurious Bathroom with a Golden Bathtub and Elegant Decor

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The image shows a luxurious bathroom with a gold bathtub sitting on four feet. The tub has a white interior and is sitting on a white marble floor.

The walls are white with gold trim and two gold sconces with white lampshades on either side of the tub. The water faucet is gold and has a white porcelain handle. This bathroom is decorated in a very elegant and traditional style.

7. A pair of luxurious bathroom sinks with copper accents

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The photo shows two sinks in a bathroom. The sinks are made of white ceramic with a copper band around the rim. The sinks are on tall pedestals made of a gray material that resembles suede.

The pedestals have copper bands around them. The sinks have copper faucets. The bathroom is rustic and has a wood floor. There is a window in the background. There are stacks of books on the floor underneath the window.

8. Modern White Bathroom with Freestanding Tub and Ocean View

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This image shows a modern bathroom with a white brick wall, a white bathtub, towels, and two bottles of bath products. The bathtub is a unique design with a curved shape and a spout on the side. The towels are folded neatly and stacked on a small table with the bath products.

The bathroom also has two framed pictures on the wall. The window in the background shows a beautiful sandy beach and blue sky. The picture is giving a clean and modern feel of a bathroom.

9. A Copper and Black Bathtub in a Modern Bathroom

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This is a photo of a black and copper bathtub in a bathroom. The bathtub is free standing and has a copper top rim and bottom. The bathtub is sitting on a white striped bath mat.

The faucet is black and copper and has a white knob. The bathtub is set against a white wainscoted wall with a large window behind it. To the left of the tub is a potted plant. The photo is taken from a slight angle.

10. Modern Bathroom with Stone Wall and Freestanding Tub

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This is a photo of a modern bathroom with a white freestanding bathtub in the center. The tub has soft, rounded edges and sits on a wooden floor. A white towel is draped over the edge of the tub. The wall behind the tub has a stone tile feature wall with a variety of shades of brown and grey.

The wall on the right is a light beige color. A window is behind the tub and a rug is in front of the tub. A small bowl with decorative stones sits on the rug. The scene is calm and serene.


Choosing the right bathtub ledge design can significantly enhance your bathing experience. Not only does it offer functional space for your essentials, but it also adds to the overall visual appeal of your bathroom. Remember, the perfect ledge for your bathtub is one that balances functionality and style, making your bath time more relaxing and enjoyable.


What are the different materials used in bathtub ledges?

Bathtub ledges can be made from various materials like wood, stone, ceramic, and more. The choice of material depends on the aesthetic of your bathroom and your personal style.

How can I maintain my bathtub ledge?

Regularly clean your bathtub ledge with mild soap and water to keep it looking fresh and new. For tougher stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner.

Can I install a bathtub ledge myself?

While it’s possible to install a bathtub ledge yourself, we recommend hiring a professional to ensure proper installation and avoid potential damage.

How do I choose the right bathtub ledge for my bathroom?

Choose a bathtub ledge that complements your bathroom’s design, offers enough space for your needs, and is made from a material that suits your style and is easy to maintain.

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